October 6, 2022

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Ep 128 – Onboarding 1 Million People to Web3 Through Crypto Education w/ Peter Yang from Odyssey DAO

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In this episode of The Unstoppable Podcast, we’re talking to Peter Yang. Peter founded the Odyssey DAO and has a ton of experience in the world of DAOs, particularly around education.

We talk about Odyssey’s mission and why it’s so focused on education. Peter dives into some of the different elements of Web3 education that Odyssey covers, and what it’s like building a DAO. We also discuss how Odyssey is structured and some of the core principles that Peter and his team are following.

We also discuss the various barriers to entry in crypto and how steps like NFT domains can improve the onboarding process for newcomers to the space. Peter explains how things like identity, credentials, and reputation work in Web3 compared to Web2, and what this means.

Peter also talks about how DAOs can be an equalizing force for people in underrepresented communities and how people can use on-chain resumes to land jobs. We also talk about how DAOs can make asset ownership in Web3 easier and we discuss NFTs in general and their potential.

Peter walks through some of the main challenges facing DAOs and how we can solve them, and we talk about how Web3 works from a product perspective. Finally, Peter talks about some of his favorite DAOs and inspirations and what he thinks the future has in store.


0:00 Intro
1:30 How did Peter get interested in crypto?
3:20 Why is the mission of Odyssey DAO focused on education?
4:38 What area of Web3 education is Odyssey DAO focused on?
6:11 Are the missions and values of a DAO different from a traditional company?
10:05 Is the core team within Odyssey DAO fluid, or is it set?
11:58 What is the greatest barrier to entry to crypto?
15:10 How is identity shifting the onboarding experience in Web3?
17:50 How do DAOs help to democratize work?
20:16 Is anyone within Odyssey using proof-of-work or any kind of on-chain resume?
21:43 Issues with reputation and badges in Web3
23:37 How do DAOs help solve asset ownership?
25:28 How can Josh integrate NFTs or a DAO to connect with the community?
27:59 What are new types of assets and use cases for NFTs that Peter is excited about in 2022?
31:34 DAO problems: Discovery, onboarding, and compensation
35:04 Data permission in Web3
38:25 What lessons learned from Web3 is Peter applying to Web3 from a product perspective?
42:16 What are some of the coolest DAOs that Peter is keeping his eye on?
43:18 Are all families a DAO?
44:48 Who’s an influential web3 creator, entrepreneur, or collector that inspired Peter?
45:35 What is Peter’s favorite NFT?
46:34 In 5 years, what’s the craziest thing we’ll be doing on the metaverse?
47:40 Where can you find Peter?

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