October 2, 2022

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Global National: April 22, 2022 | What are Russia’s objectives after failing to take Kyiv?

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Russia is outlining new military objectives which could effectively land-lock Ukraine. The announcement comes after Russia claims it defeated Ukrainian forces in Mariupol, although shelling continues there. One hundred twenty thousand residents there are still trapped. Outside the war zone, the UN says there is mounting evidence of war crimes, mass graves, and an attempted cover-up. But first a look at Russia’s ambitions after failing to take control of Kyiv and why experts say it will be hard for President Vladimir Putin to succeed. Redmond Shannon has our top story.

Canada has delivered more lethal aid to Ukraine including howitzer guns and anti-armour ammunition. And it’s renewing calls to expel Russia from the G20. Jackson Proskow reports.

One of the most iconic buildings in western Canada, key to early trading and development in Winnipeg is being handed over to the Southern Chiefs’ Organization (SCO). The historic HBC building, once the flagship of the Hudson’s Bay Company, will become an arts and retail hub with affordable housing and healthcare. Brittany Greenslade has the deeply symbolic ceremony that transferred ownership.

Wait times for some surgeries have been growing in Canada for decades and the pandemic has made those lists even longer. Some front-line workers say the situation will be catastrophic without immediate intervention but as Jamie Mauracher reports, so far there doesn’t appear to be a clear plan.

Extreme weather and our shifting climate weigh heavily on citizens and scientists alike. The theme on this, the 52nd Earth Day, is invest in our planet, a challenge for everyone coming out of a global pandemic. Here’s Heather Yourex-West on why the need is urgent.

If you’ve walked past a car lot lately, you’ve probably noticed a lot of empty spaces. Inventory is so low, prices for used cars is reaching record highs, up 48 per cent over last year. This week on The New Reality, Mike Drolet reports on the bumpy road and what’s ahead for buyers and sellers.

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